1. Night marahon 2010. report

Despite the storm and rain the race was held. Because the storm and rain are just weather events that are not allowed to spoil good mood, desire to run, have fun and dance with friends. Besides good music, loud neighbours (that stole our race center spot), we had great light so the event was complete.

Dark skies above Novi Sad

Final number of starters was 256.


Race center was crouded despite the storm


  • 57 marathon, 46 starters, 35 finishers,
  • 141 halfmarathon, 126 starters, 114 finishers.
  • 6 relays
  • 36 runners on 5km and
  • not to forget the youngest and the bravest two kids wo ran their 200m despite the rain: Ilija Popadic i Arpad Varga.

We didn’t expect any parents with children because of the weather, since from 20:30h to 21:30 hell broke loose, but these guys came and achieved what they’ve came for!


Race center was fairly crowded

This was an international event. We had runner from Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. It was impressive that this many people came from that far for the first edition of an event. Not to forget are runners from Serbia from: Subotica, Apatin, Bor, Belgrade and other cities. The situation is for no comment – just for admiration.

Gužva i na startu!

We were impressed by the number of starters 🙂

Marathon men:

  1.  Sreten Ninkovic, Ub, 2:46:36,
  2. Nebojša Milenkovic 2:52:48 from OAK Beograd
  3. Filep Atila 2:53:22 from AK Apatin.

There was a single woman in the marathon race:

  1. Želimira Kopecki from Slavonski Brod, Croatia 3:40:35.
Vodeca grupa

Sreten Ninković won the first Night marathon title

Halfmarathon women:

  1. Aleksandra Marinkov, 1:33:26,
  2. Baljevic Dragana, 1:35:49
  3. Tanja Radumilo, 1:45:02.

Halfmarathon men:

  1. Stević Branko 1:13:10,
  2. Dinjar Dražen 1:13:36.
  3. Miloš Milovanović 1:14:45.

Recreational runners were te moving force of the event

Relay winners are “ARK Maratonci”: Bojana Kačar, Viktor Nemet and Velibor Kajtez, and the fastest runner on 5km was Nemanja Cvjetić.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event with a bright future!


Rock bends are not expected on the marathon – that made the whole thing even more special.

The event was not just about the competition. You can find that anywhere. We tried and hopefully succeeded to make somethin different and fun through this event. For that were responsible young rock bands, fire dancers and our big neighbours from Exit Reload party.

Igraci s vatrom

Noc ima svoje cari, kad joj pružiš malo svetla…

This was a new running movement, that first wants to have fun, and then everything else. We were happy to be able to host MK Delta from Skoplje, Macedonia,


The one and only mr. Kire Naunčevski

MK 1893 from Belgrade, but also Maratonjare from Kutina, Croatia. It was our pleasure to be your hosts and we are looking forward to host you again in 2011. 🙂


The rest of pictures are in our galery.

Pirotehnika 1893

The yellow fun crew 🙂