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Marathon 42 km

Marathon is and always will be the main race of the Night marathon. There is a reason why the Marathon is the most challenging discipline of athletics. It requires devotion, mental strenght and endurance. <3

Halfmarathon 21 km

Halfmarathon is the largest of the Night marathon’s races. Incredible energy created by the river of runners after the start sign, just like cool people on the track make this race special. Although speed is not priority, it is a huge challenge to make a good time in night conditions. m/

Minimarathon 5.275 km

Minimarathon is our shortest race which is dedicated to our youngest runners just like everybody else who doesn’t feel like running longer than this distance. The longest journey beginns with a single step just like marathon preparations begin with a Minimarathon ;)

Štafetni polumaraton

Štafetni polumaraton je od ove godine nova disciplina na našoj manifestaciji. Uveli smo je da bismo podigli nivo zabave, osećaje zajedništva, timskog ali i takmičarskog duha koji su i do ove godine bili na visokom nivou među takmičarima.

Night marathon

About us

Who makes the magic behind the Night marathon?

We come from the ARK Fruska Gora, from the club of enthusiasts and recreation fans who like to have fun, apart from running fast ;)

Night marathon began as a fun thing and a desire to do something different. The night marathon not only survives but also grows year after year. From the beginning, it attracted the attention of a large number of people from Serbia and abroad. The Night marathon sets the standards of organization of road races in Serbia. Our relatively small but compact team is committed to the idea that Night marathon can always become something more. We are constantly improving everything we can, while not caring about conventions. We are doing the way we think it is right and best and the racers can appreciate it!

The Night marathon is the first Night marathon in this part of Europe and slowly but surely it has become a very beautiful tradition that Novi Sad is proud of.

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