Course of the 9. Night marathon

Start of all of the three races is in the futball court behind the goal on the Danube side. Runners run counterclockwise. After exit from the stadium runners turn right on the tarmac road that takes you to the Dr. Zoran Đinđić street. On the street end runners turn right on the pedestrian path along the Cara Lazara blvd. Then the runners turn right onto the quai’s bicycle path and run on it all until the U-turn. After the U-turn runners cross onto the red rubber tartan path and run all until the end of that path. After that they turn left onto the bicycle path along the Cara Lazara blvd. and turn left again in the Dr. Zorana Đinđića street towards the football fields. At about 3/4 of the Dr. Zoran Đinđić street runners turn right in the Dr Ilije Đuričića* street in the University campus, and then in Vladimira Perića Valtera street until the student restaurant, where they reenter the stadium. Minimarathon runners enter the finish zone right away, whereas halfmarathon and marathon runners run 3/4 of the track lap in the stadium before entering another lap.


Number of laps

  • Marathon 6 laps
  • Halfmarathon 3 laps
  • Minimarathon 1 lap


Participants are obliged to turn in the finish zone in their finishing lap only. Half­marathon runners in their third lap and marathon runners in their sixth lap. For better understanding, look at the drawing.

Every runner has to show their bib to the referees if asked to. Every course shortening leads to disqualification. For the rest of the rules, read the Night marathon rule book.