11. Night marathon – notice

Dear runners,

These days we have received many messages with the same question. Is the Night Marathon postponed? Yes, we are aware that we did not publish anything recently. Why? Because the Night Marathon is not postponed nor canceled.

The plan for the Night Marathon on June 27th stays

We know that most of the races are postponed or cancelled. We are still hoping that similar destiny will not strike the Night marathon. In fact, we are sure that on June 27th regulations considering public meetings will not prohibit organization of such event. But today they are very strict, and we are just hopping that everything will be changed on time to do the final preparation and to get official approval from the authorities.

Therefore, we are happy to call you to register (https://trka.rs/event/176/) as soon as you decide to participate in our (and in the same time your) race. That will mean a lot to us, and also help us to easier finish final preparations for the race. Do not haste with payments. There is plenty of time for that. Reduced price from May will stay the same at lest till June 15th, and, also, registration will remain open till June 23rd.

Also, we invite all of you who already registered (thank you for that) and those who will do it to fill the field “Personal best”, but not with the real best time, but with expected time. We are considering “Zone start” in order to reduce overcrowdedness at the start. By that we will reduce the chance for infection (which we think is neglectable, since, in opposite we would not organize the race), and increase a chance for getting easier positive answer from the officials (maybe they do not share our opinion). This is just under consideration, so, we do not know the time interval for zones, but we need this data just in case. So, please be, as much as you can, honest, since, it is much easier to run in group of similarly fast runners.

With certainty that we will see at the race
Organizers of the first and genuine Night Marathon in the region