8th Night marathon 2017 report

Two years ago, Boško, who was writing the report back then, wrote in his first sentence that it is always difficult to start writing a Night marathon report. I hereby sign that sentence. This is like a 12th time I have started writing the first paragraph and none is good enough, so I have given up the idea of summing up the whole impression in the first sentence.

This year, everything has been much smoother than before. We’ve learned our game, I’d say. We prevented all that could possibly be a problem, and successfully solved every challenge that night. We had recognized the suggestions of runners from last year and this year we got a refrigerator van for water and refreshed fruit at refreshment points. The race center was organized better than ever and this time in a thick shade, which definitely contributed to our efficacy. There were no jams at any point and at times it seemed so strange that it was all so… non-chaotic. Putting 37 different flags from all continents on a thread was especially relaxing, reminding you in all that chaos on the race day that you are doing something real good.

Volunteers along the course, at the race center and refreshment points have done an amazing job. People we put in charge of specific segments have done their jobs even better. I shouldn’t start naming them since it would be a quite long list. I will just say that all cogwheels worked in a perfect harmony.

The thing that presented a problem to the runners this year and their main objection is that some parts of the course were made of gravel, which were not supposed to be like that, but the renovation of the Zoran Đinđić Street was not finished until the beginning of the race. However, no one was badly hurt there – which is what is most important to us. We apologize to those that may had inconveniences due to gravel! Next year’s course will probably go through the renovated street – I guess this sacrifice was worth it? 🙂

Every year we are trying to raise the Night marathon to a new level, because it is important, primarily to us that spend a good part of the year organizing it, and then, it is important to us because of the runners, and it is important because – we can. When certain segments play well, we have good reasons to try and add something new. At the 8th Night marathon it’s the additional program along the course, which actually always kind of existed, but it was mostly boiled down to self-organizing by the people who understand the significance of support for the runners.

This year, this program was in our organization and under a very close slogan “make a MOVE!”, and it offered a bit of (desirable) distraction for the runners as well as possibility for the audience to see what ninjutsu, aikido, karate, kendo are, how they can train at Mare’s and with Free Đačko, where they can dance with cuban, spanish and oriental music. They had the possibility to do some diagnostics and talk with experts about food and training, and for children… For children an especially interesting and challenging skills polygon for developing motor skills. The runners especially liked the drums played by the students of the Academy of Arts, and they were keen for support they got from a music band JeuNS which played on the stage. And of course, all that was spiced up with a special ingredient this year – only ours, special edition of Noćno moćno beer made by Razbeerbriga.

At the 8th Night marathon we joined an important action of fundraising for our ultramarathon runners to go to the Ultramarathon World Cup in Belfast. While I am writing this report, they are on their way there and we are especially glad to have contributed to this action.

And now may I add a bit more intimate impression? Thousands and thousands of emails (no exaggeration), dozens of meetings, millions of phone calls and messages, agreements, negotiations, discussions, quarrels, tension, lack of sleep, and when you do sleep you dream packing starters’ kits and putting fences, then lack of sleep again, burning in the sun, you think you will shut down at moments, you yell, cry out of anger, walk a serious distance, your legs hurt, your back hurts, your feet as if you walk on knives, you want a  shower, you want some quiet… and all that is nothing compared to A LOT of laughter, support, sacrifice, amazing energy, a thousand plus runners, their faces when they cross the finish line, great fun, laughter, laughter, laughter, good beer, very very useful experience, learning how to shut up, to endure, to apologize, to forgive, to shake hands, high fives, making new friends, summing impressions on Sunday evening. And then everything seems as if you had organized a walk for five people and not an event for a couple of thousands.

Through the organization of the Night marathon you grow as a person, and is there a better reason?


Firstly, it would be impossible without some of our friends that have supported us since forever, and without those who supported our idea and its implementation very readily:


We owe special thanks to Mr. Mićo Majkić that provided us with a refrigerator van, and the craft brewery Razbeerbriga which was the finish refreshment point for the organizing team 🙂

The participants of the “make a MOVE!” program:

  • JeuNS,
  • DJ Dovlaman,
  • Baila con Choma,
  • Oriental dancing school „Izida“,
  • La Familia flamenco group,
  • Free treninzi Đačko,
  • Combat Fit Program,
  • The Athlete Build,
  • Play Centar,
  • Aikido Ikeda Dojo,
  • Ninjutsu Satori Dojo,
  • Kendo club Isshin,
  • Karate club Mawashi,
  • Capoeira Academy,
  • as well as students of the Academy of Arts – the Department of Percussion, Aleksandar Lazić i Saša Vlaisavljević.

I owe very special thanks to Lazar Timotić who helped implement the program.

We thank all the volunteers and our club members for doing their jobs very conscientiously. We thank all those who came to support the runners and contributed to their impression that serves our pride.


This year, there were slightly less runners than before, which may be due to a great number of new races and saturation with races in general, as well as to the absence of big organized groups. There were 1332 complete registrations and 1149 runners finished the race, of which 35% women.

The greatest number of runners comes from Serbia and surrounding countries, but there are those who flew over the sea to run at the Night marathon. In total, 22 countries from all continents.

Ove godine beležimo za nijansu manji odziv nego do sada, što se možda može pripisati pojavi velikog broja novih trka i uopšte zasićenosti trkama, kao i nedostatku velikih organizovanih grupa. Kompletnih prijava je bilo 1332, a trku je finiširalo 1149 trkača, od čega 35% žena.

Najveći broj trkača dolazi iz Srbije i zemalja regiona, ali ima i onih koji su leteli preko bare da bi trčali Noćni. Ukupno ove godine iz 22 zemlje sa svih kontinenata.

Night Minimarathon


  1. Katarina Pohlod 0:30:29
  2. Danijela Radisavljević 0:31:42
  3. Vesna Vicko Bogišić 0:31:49


  1. Marko Medojević 0:25:39
  2. Veljko Radosavljev 0:26:02
  3. Željko Simić 0:27:41

Night Half-marathon


  1. Jelena Kosić 1:30:14
  2. Nora Trklja 1:33:34
  3. Sanja Begović Geceg 1:33:54


  1. Aleksandar Adžić 1:17:48
  2. Ante Živković 1:19:44
  3. Andrija Đorđević 1:20:01

Night Marathon


  1. Biljana Bursać 3:22:40
  2. Aleksanda Burkanović 3:38:51
  3. Marta Siemieniec 3:42:39


  1. Marco Bonfiglio 2:44:49 (course record)
  2. Mladen Stevanović 2:57:53
  3. Uglješa Nikolić 3:11:32


Save the date – the next Night marathon will be held on 23.6.2018. 🙂

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  • Sve je bilo odlično sa vaše strane, osim delova staze (podloga) koji će biti rešeni završetkom radova, tako da nije do vas. I jedna ogromna zamerka na račun grada Novog Sada: nakon završetka polumaratona, oko 00:15 dok smo se presvlačili na parkingu Visoke poslovne škole, polumaratonce koji su u tom trenutku završavali trku napao je čopor pasa lutalica. I dok smo terali pse od njih, drugara je ujeo jedan pas za nogu. Stvarno razočaravajuće za jedan takav grad! Što se Vaše organizacije tiče, sve pohvale!

  • Uz sve navedeno dobro i lose, zeleo bih da predlozim da se narednih puta deo za navijace malo poboljsa, odnosno da se nekako organizuje da u cilju navijaci i bliski ljudi mogu da budu tu da pripomognu, fotografisu momenat prolaska i sl. Ovako su bili u onoj guzvi iza ograde, a one koji su hteli da budu iza devojaka koje dele medalje, obezbedjenje je prilicno drsko oteralo (cak i osobe koji su “svojim” trkacima hteli da pomognu jer im je bilo muka). Dakle, malo vise “fan friendly” 🙂

  • Sve je u redu !
    Kako da đođem do e-diplome?
    Vidmo se sledeće godine.

  • Први пут сам учесник овог спектакла и остаће ми у лепом сећању због предивног амбијента, масовности, свакако и због личног рекорда. Резултат би био бољи да није било оне разроване улице, али то није грешка организатора, већ Града који је покренуо радове у Кампусу у најгорем моменту, за време уписа и испитних рокова.
    Знам за ону “кол’ко људи тол’ко ћуди”, али ја сам умало умро јер нисам желео да пијем ону спонзорисану воду. Срећом, током другог круга сам уочио цистерну с чесмушом, тако да сам се некако довукао жив до циља.

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