7. Night marathon 2016. report

Impressions take some time when you make something this big and the hype about it gets huge. 7. Night marathon was huge for both runners and us! We invested a lot of effort to fullfill the expectations, because we were the ones who raised the bar. Praisal and critique are just one of the signs[…]

6. Night marathon 2015. report

Six years agou a group of enthusiasts came to an idea to organize the first night marathon. At the time people gave us funny looks and nobody really knew if the idea was going to take off. Six years later we are happy he had the priviledge to withness the incredible growth, as a result[…]

5. Night marathon 2014. report

Planned or noth, the Nigth marathon became an important part of organizers’ lives. Each year we started earlier to prepare for the next and each year we raised the bar a bit further. I am not saying we were doing perfect job, but each of passed 5 events were well received and that might be the[…]

4. Night marathon 2013. report

Mighty nightly! – said Galla Uroić 🙂 On Saturday, 29.09.2013. as part of the celebration of the Danube Day, we had the Fourth night marathon in Novi Sad organised by Recreational Athletic Club “Fruška gora”. This year it was, third time in a row, about 50% more runners than organised last year. Such constant and[…]

3. Night marathon 2012. report

We are happy to announced that the 3. Night marathon was held successfully! 23.6.2012. will be remembered as a step forwards in the organization because we managed to use the experience from the previous two events invested more effort and did everything more efficient. We are confident that we can improve that even further! Runners[…]

2. Night marathon 2011. report

2. Night marathon was successfully held on 25.6.2011. with start at 22:00. This second one advanced in every way, so there was much more work to do too. We were falling appart from work done, but it was totally worth of it!!! It was far from being perfect. We will probably never achieve that, but we always[…]

1. Night marahon 2010. report

Despite the storm and rain the race was held. Because the storm and rain are just weather events that are not allowed to spoil good mood, desire to run, have fun and dance with friends. Besides good music, loud neighbours (that stole our race center spot), we had great light so the event was complete. […]