Instructions for runners of the 9th Night marathon

We are very happy to welcome you on June 23th 2018 in Novi Sad, Serbia at the 9th Night marathon! This email contains all useful information you will need to feel comfortable on Saturday 🙂


How to reach the race center?

You can reach the race center on foot, by public transportation or by car. For instructions on how to reach the race center from the train station read this.

Where exactly is the race center?

Sunčani kej (Sunny quay), Djačko igralište (FC Index stadium), next to Faculty of Philosophy (Dr Zorana Đinđića 2 street), Novi Sad. Click to see it on the map.

Date and schedule

Saturday 23.6.2018.

  • 14:00 – 18:00 – Collection of starters’ kits
  • 19:45 – Grand opening of the 8th Night marathon
  • 20:00 – Minimarathon 7km and Marathon 42,2km start 
  • 21:15 – Minimarathon winners ceremony
  • 22:00 – Halfmarathon 21,1km Start 
  • 00:00 – Halfmarathon and Marathon winners ceremony (or when all winners finish their races)
  • 02:00 – Marathon closing (or earlier if all runners finish their races)

Starter’s kit collection

All runners who registered online and paid the entry fee can pick up their starters kits at the race center exclusively on the race day from 2PM until 6PM. Every participant must sign a written consent of participating on their own risk before taking over the starting package. Registration on the race day will not be possible! Only runners on the starters list will be able to collect their starters kits.


The organizer provides the wardrobe for competitors for free usage. The competitors will be able to leave their belongings with starting number shown to authorized personnel. After the race, you can pick up your belongings by presenting your starting number. The wardrobe will be located just next to the race center. Wardrobe opens at 19:00.

Right to participate in the races

  • Adults – they have a right to participate at their own risk on every race.

  • Minors* – CAN NOT compete on the marathon race, and for participation on the mini-marathon or half-marathon THEY MUST enclose the written consent of a parent  or certified coach. Please print this out and bring signed if underaged!

*All persons under age of 18 on the race day are considered to be minors.

Finishers on all three races receive a medal, participants’ e-diploma (on the registration portal upon results are published) and refreshment at the finish.



Most of the course follows the natural Danube flow. Start and finish of all three races are at the Students’ playground on FC Index stadium.
Lap count:

  • Marathon 6 laps
  • Half-marathon 3 laps
  • Minimarathon 1 lap

Read the detailed course description here.


There will be two posts in each lap approximately 3.5km apart:

  • one with water will be on the turning point
  • and one with water, dextrose dissolved in water, apples, bananas, peanuts at the athletic track near the race center.
  • The refreshment post after the finish line will offer sandwiches, water, fruits, biscuits, popcorn…
  • Marathon runners will get a Power Gel in the starter’s kit and are free to consume it at any point of the race.
  • Runners and visitors will be able to purchase a craft beer brewed exclusively for the Night marathon 😉

Rules of the Night marathon

  • Fair competition
  • Shortening the course isn’t allowed
  • Cooperate with referees

Run safe and be nice

  • A medical certificate is not obligatory, but it is recommended to get checked on regular basis before running a long distance race.
  • Be aware of your capabilities, run carefully. The night conditions are different and it is not an easy task to find the right pace and to take the right amount of fluids (not too much, not too little).
  • Fill out the back of your bib. That way the medical crew would be able to identify you faster and call your emergency contact in the case of the emergency.
  • Please be mindful of faster and slower runners. Take over safely, let the runner in the front know if needed while taking over.
  • Be aware that the refreshment is for all runners. We will prepare enough, but it will work only if everybody takes just enough and not more than that. Thank you 🙂

Time limits

Races are limited to enable everyone to finish without jeopardizing the organization.

  • Marathon – 6h-limit
  • Half-marathon – 3h-limit
  • Mini-marathon – 60 min.-limit

Event T-Shirt

  • Marathon and half-marathon runners get the t-shirt in the starter’s kit.
  • T-Shirts will also be available for purchase 10€ (limited quantity).

For more information read the announcement.


For all additional questions about the Night marathon, feel free to write to at

The organizer retains the right to change the details of this announcement. All changes will be timely announced and published on this website.