3. Night marathon 2012. report

We are happy to announced that the 3. Night marathon was held successfully!

23.6.2012. will be remembered as a step forwards in the organization because we managed to use the experience from the previous two events invested more effort and did everything more efficient. We are confident that we can improve that even further!

Runners respected their side of the deal and everybody came in time to pick up thier starter’s kits. The lines were shorter because we were better organized and the race center worked faster. Content of the starter’s kit made many people happy: our new bib fix, t-shirt, gifts from our sponsors did well for us to be good hosts.



Regarding entertainment program we had: Studio Oriental, Capoeira Akademija, Kendo klub Isshin, NS Roleri and Banetova ekipa from AKA training club Palić who lead the warming up before start.

Finally, marathon, relay and minimarathon started at 21:00! I say “finally” because we were all inpatient to start 🙂 Our friends from other clubs continued entertaining people who were passing by and the audience of the event, while waiting for the start of their races. Considering I started at 21:00 too, I can tell you my impressions from the track. Race started strong and I had an impression everybody was hurling over me. It was a bit too hot, but the enthusiasm could be felt from all those runners that passed by me!

Halfmarathon started at 22:00. Runners were flying, the audience was cheering! Everything went smoothly. Novi Sad + Night marathon = winning combination 🙂

During the race we had live coverage over the info desk. Preliminary results are as follows:


1. Nebojša Milenković 2:56:57
2. Veljko Popović 3:04:44
3. Slobodan Marinkov 3:07:20

1. Aneta Arifi 4:36:28
2. Vera Velimirov 4:48:06
3. Vanja Drinčić 4:53:13


1. Attila Varbiro 1:14:52
2. Mirko Stanković 1:15:59
3. Nikša Papić 1:18:19

1. Aleksandra Marinkov 1:27:33
2. Dragana Dokmanović 1:32:43
3. Dragana Špehar 1:35:46


1. Dušan Stupar 0:16:08
2. Andan Bećirović 0:17:17
3. Nebojša Dušić 0:17:30

1. Katarina Pohlod 0:18:58
2. Vesna Bogišić 0:19:03
3. Ekatarina Šoronda 0:20:10


1. AK Vojvodina 2:27:51
2. Vojska Srbije „Kobre“ 2:43:06
3. Udarnik 2:58:30

The most Creative Runner Cup went to Slavko Šećerov.

Every runner received the finishers package with sandwich, water, vegan pasta and cake. The marathon finishers had also a free massage! Within our club we had our own private competition of ARK Fruška gora. The following members won awards:

Velibor Kajtez
Stefan Vendlener
Tatjana Banjac
Jelena Horvacki

We are all inpatient to sum up our impressions and share them on the next meeting and agree upon the next marathon date! We are starting soon with the 4. Night marathon! Any comments or complaints are welcome on: kontakt@nocnimaraton.rs

We want to say one huge THANK YOU to all friends, volunteers, sponsors and runners who supported us.

Until next marathon! 😉

Author: Jelena Horvacki

Official results