15th Night Marathon

We have reached the jubilee. Although every race is an anniversary for us, this one is special and that is why we have an irresistible desire to dedicate it to our constant, but not so dear visitor, the mosquito (lat. Domesticus Vampiricus). And the Danube, along which the path of our race passes, has always been a favorite gathering place for many generations, both people and the previously mentioned mosquitoes.

Therefore, mark the first weekend of the summer of 2024 in your calendars as the perfect time to run along the Novi Sad quay at night, some faster and some slower, and parade despite the mosquitoes, smeared with various repellents, just to annoy them that they cannot drink your blood.

See you on June 22 at the start of the 15th Night marathon, the one and only.

Organizers of the event

Atletsko rekreativni klub “Fruška gora” – Novi Sad (Athletic Recreational Club “Fruška gora”) 



OAK Novi Sad


Saturday, June 22nd.


Sunčani kej bb, Novi Sad, Serbia (near football field of  FK Indeks)

Coordinates: 45.244343, 19.853495


  • Night Marathon at Novi Sad Quey
    • Marathon 42,2 km
    • Half marathon 21,1 km
    • Minimarathon 6km
    • Nordic walking 6km
  • Virtual Night Marathon (you can run it in any part of the world)
    • Marathon 42,2 km
    • Half marathon 21,1 km
    • Minimarathon – 5km


Saturday, June 22, 2024.

• 14:00 – 18:00 – Collection of start packages on the day of the race
• 19:45 – Start of Mini-marathon
• 19:50 – Start of the Nordic walking race
• 20:00 – Start of Marathon 42.2km
• 21:30 – Announcement of the winners of the Mini-marathon and Nordic Walking
• 22:00 – Start of Half Marathon 21.1km and Relay Half Marathon
• 00:30 – Announcement of the winners of the Relay Half Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon
• 1:16:30 – Welcoming the last participant and closing the event

Race Headquarter

Sunčani kej bb, Đačko playground, Novi Sad.


Applications will open on February 5, 2024 and will end on Monday, June 17, 2024 at 3:59 p.m. A limited number of registrations for individual races will be available on the day of the race at a price of RSD 3500 with a package without a shirt.

Applications for all races (live, relay and virtual) go through the portal, and only through the portal trka.rs.

After registration, the portal will send the contestant an email with instructions for paying the entry fee.

Due very strict Serbian immigration policy, Night marathon will not send “invitation letters” to any participant.

Registration fee

Individual races

FromTillMarathonHalf marathon,
Nordic walking
5. 2. 2024.29. 2. 2024.2000 RSD/20€2000 RSD/20€
1. 3. 2024.31. 3. 2023.2500 RSD/25€2500 RSD/25€
1. 4. 2024.30. 5. 2024.2750 RSD/27.5€3000 RSD/30€
1. 6. 2024.17. 6. 2024. at 15:593000 RSD/25€3500 RSD/30€

Virtual races

Half marathon
5. 2. 2024.17. 6. 2024.2000 RSD / 20€2000 RSD / 20€2000 RSD / 20€

Starter packs

Contestants will receive the following:

• Functional t-shirt of the 15th Night Marathon (for everyone who completes registration online before the registration closes down)
• BIB number with a chip for electronic timing
• finisher’s medal
• refreshments along the track
• organized wardrobe
• refreshment after the race (sandwiches, fruit, peanuts…)
• beer (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
• massage after the race
• + potential gifts from sponsors

Collecting race packs

Collection of starter packs will be possible on the day of the race in the competition center from 2 pm to 6 pm. Each competitor will sign a STATEMENT of participation at his own risk when picking up the start package. For minors, a parent, guardian or an authorized person must sign a consent.

Who cannot run?

Adults – have the right to participate at their own risk in all races with a signed Statement (in Serbian).

Minors* –  CAN NOT participate in the Marathon race. For Minimarathon and Half marathon it is necessary attach approval signed by a parent, trainer or legal representative.

*Persons younger than 18 years old at the date of the race.


The winners of all three races, both in men’s and women’s category, will receive trophies. The winning relays will receive trophies and the participants of the first 3 relays the winning medals, too.

The winners of all three races will also receive gifts from sponsors.

Traditionally, the fastest men and women from Novi Sad in the marathon race will be awarded with trophies and diplomas.

There will be no announcement of age categories, but after the race the results of the marathon and half marathon categories will be published on the website, and the participants will receive appropriate diplomas. The categories are, in addition to absolute: M18- (half marathon only), M35, M45, M55, M65+, W18- (half marathon only), W35, W45, W55, W65+.

For mini-marathon, since it is a recreational race, there are no categories.

The finishers of all races will receive a medal, an electronic participation diploma and finish refreshments.

There will be no cash prizes!


Track will be marked and maximally secured by volunteers. Referees will be placed at key spots of the track, including turns and start/finish line. Refreshments will be placed throughout the track.

Regulations of the Night Marathon

The main rule of the Night Marathon is fair and safe competition. For all other details, read the Regulations of the Night Marathon.

Rules for Nordic WalkingInternational Nordic Walking Series

NW walking is moving forward with alternating movements of the arms and legs, maintaining constant contact with the ground, in such a way that the simultaneous loss of contact of both feet and both poles with the ground is not visible to the naked eye. During the walk, poles dedicated to the discipline of Nordic Walking are used.

When walking, follow the rules:

  • alternating leg and arm work while vigorously pushing off with the poles,
  • repulsion with poles set at an acute angle to the ground,
  • carrying the poles after bouncing above the ground,
  • vigorous deposition and repulsion with sticks,
  • actively wedge the poles between the offending and the offending leg,
  • when overtaking, do not change your walking path,
  • act ethically, morally, and in accordance with approved social norms.

Competition participant’s equipment and supplies

  1. Clothing – sportswear, which allows to evaluate the marching technique,
  2. Poles – for Nordic Walking, the length of which is adapted to your height (put the pole at a right angle to the ground, so that the angle between the arm and forearm is 90 degrees with an acceptable error of +/- 10 degrees),
  3. It is allowed to take on the route e.g. electronic equipment, water containers, gels, energy bars, etc., provided that they do not disturb other competitors and do not impede communication between competitors and referees and technical service of the competition,
  4. It is recommended that the competitor has two numbers attached, one on the chest and one on the back, in such a way that they are visible to the judges and the technical services of the competition,
  5. It is forbidden to use headphones or other items that hinder verbal communication for reasons of safety and efficient organization of the competition.

All detail information about Nordic walking rules you can found on following link.

Rules for Virtual Night Marathon

Race opens on the day of Night marathon. (22nd June 2024.).

There are no winners. But results will be imported at trka.rs portal, where you will be able to download an electronic diploma.

All registered participants will receive (few days after the race) starting package (which includes BIB without chip), and those who send us their time, a finish-medal

We are sorry, but we can send packages only at the addresses in Serbia. If you are not from Serbia, please, through the form for sending results, provide us an address of a friend from Serbia.

You will be able to send results through a google-form. There you will enter your personal data, bib number, your time and some proof of your time (screenshot of the used application, or track link).

Fee will be the same until the closing of registration. It includes postal expenses at the territory of Serbia. 

Time limits

  • Marathon  42,2km – 5 hours 16 minutes 30 seconds
  • Half marathon 21,1 km – 5 hours 16 minutes 30 seconds
  • Minimarathon  –  1 and a half hour



Have fun (as always)

The organizer reserves the right to change the details of the announcement. Any change will be announced and published in time on this site.